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​Products/spare parts

DK Lifte ApS stocks all spare parts to be able to assist customers at any time if a lift becomes defective.

Of course, all spare parts are made of the same high-quality materials as the lifts to guarantee the same functionality and durability as in the original part.

Quick delivery

We are well aware that busses with out-of-service wheelchair lifts will not be in operation. Quick delivery of spare parts is therefore a top priority.

If you order one or more spare parts before 2 pm, we will make next business day delivery to have your bus back on the road again as quickly as possible.

Spare parts list

You will find a small selection of the most used spare parts for external lifts below. A total list of spare parts is available here:

Download spare part list


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Excellent service from DK Lifte ApS

DK Lifted Ltd. offers a large range of lifts. We perform statutory lift inspections Comprising a grundig examination of botheration external and internal lifts.


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