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DK Lifte introduces an innovative solution that makes van lifting more accessible and efficient than ever before. Our van lifts are designed to tackle the challenges of loading and unloading in situations where the load is heavy. This stands out not only because it's more convenient than conventional solutions, but it also eliminates concerns about unnecessary weight loading.


The solution for flexible transport

With our van lifts, you can now handle loads of up to 500 kg, making your van extremely flexible. Not only does this significantly ease the driver's daily tasks, but it also minimizes the risk of injuries as heavy lifting becomes a pleasure.​


Fast and efficient to use

Our van lifts are designed to make your day more efficient. And the robust aluminum plate makes it possible to get the lift ready for use in a very short time. This ensures smooth and fast handling of your goods.​


Installation is simple for fast commissioning

We understand that time is of the essence, which is why our van lifts are designed with easy installation in mind. The intuitive installation process means you can quickly get the lifting capacity up and running without any unnecessary waiting time. It's a seamless integration that provides instant accessibility for improved cargo handling.​


Protecting employees and optimizing the lifetime of the lift

​For companies that want to protect their employees from work-related injuries, DK Lifte's van lifts are the ideal solution. In addition, the lift limits damage to the van, making the handling of goods significantly easier - you get safety and efficiency in one solution.​

Mandatory annual inspection

Although our van lifts are designed to be robust and reliable, we still recommend an annual inspection to ensure it stays in top shape. This not only ensures your safety, but it also extends the lifespan of your lift and helps prevent unexpected issues.​

Get a customized solution for your needs

At DK Lifte, we do everything we can to match your individual needs by offering customized lifts that fit your vehicle, wishes and requirements exactly. This means that we can customize different types of lifts, such as:​

Sturdy platform lifts

Sturdy platform lifts with full plate to support the wheelchair.

Folding lift

Folding lifts that provide safety and comfort, while giving you a clear view.

​Folding lifts with pump relocation

The ultimate combination of flexibility with the ability to have a wider platform, folding lifts with pump relocation.


Contact DK Lifte

Do you have questions, need more information or something else? We would like to hear from you. We also offer consulting and support so you can get the solution or service you need for your wheelchair lift.

You can call us on +45 41 31 78 00 or send an email to dklifte@dklifte.dk to make an appointment.

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